High Intensity Workout Routine

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Here is a funny and instructive video from Dave Durell’s High Intensity Nation:

“Dude, You Train Like a Girl”

Here is an excerpt from David Durell’s story page and his High Intensity Muscle Building program:

Then I started noticing articles in the bodybuilding magazines about a new guy on the scene named Mike Mentzer. In addition to having an unbelievable physique, he was gaining notoriety for having a training system that was radically different than what everyone else was doing. His program was only 45 minutes a day, 4 days a week, but performed with a very high level of intensity. For me at that time, reading his articles was like a breath of fresh air! He backed up his techniques with a logical, well thought-out rationale that made perfect sense to me and reflected my own frustrating training experiences. I decided to buy his mail-order course and follow his program to the letter. I did exactly that and got into the best shape of my life, gaining 16 pounds of muscle in 16 weeks, while getting my body fat under 7 percent!


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