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Do you have suggestions on what you want to read on this blog? We want the blog to be a source of “energy for your body & soul(mate)…”

We are planning to create micro pages for different categories, e.g., martial arts, ball games, fitness training, etc.

We will also cover news in the health, fitness and dating industry.

Are you interested in providing us with material and maybe writing guest blog posts now and then? Please write your interest in comment section.


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  1. Nick Clipton on Tue, 23rd Nov 2010 11:43 am
  2. HI,

    I am Nick Clipton, owner and webmaster for

    I noticed your website while looking for sites on Health & Fitness and I would love the opportunity to write a guest post for your site.

    The guest article written for your website will be:

    1) Unique and relevant, of good quality and add excellent content to your website. They will not be posted anywhere else.

    2) Will be written by a professional writer in our team. You can see some sample articles here:

    3) The articles will be written specifically for your niche. I will like to discuss the topics with you beforehand.

    You of course, would have the right to reject the articles.

    A few example of guest articles that I have written:

    Whilst these articles are “general” I am more than comfortable with writing for your niche.

    I’m hoping that you would be interested in such an arrangement and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,
    Nick Clipton
    For Building Body Muscles

  3. blog-fitnessdateclub-com on Fri, 26th Nov 2010 5:40 pm
  4. Hi Nick, of course I will be happy if you would like to write on Fitnessdateclub blog we have many visitors on it now and it´s increasing every week since we started just a few months ago, so you are welcome to write some articles, about fitness, exercise, sports, nutrition we also have Dating as you may have notice so my idea was to connect fitness and dating and it actually works.

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