High Intensity Training Video with Michael Mosley

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Have you tested high intensity training (fast exercise) together with the 5:2 (fast) diet according to Michael Mosley?

Here is an excerpt from Theo Merz’s article, Can 20 seconds of high intensity exercise really beat a session in the gym?:

What if instead of spending an hour in the gym every other day, you could get better results from two bursts of 20 seconds at maximum effort, three times a week?

It seems an outlandish claim but that’s the idea behind the new book Fast Exercise by Dr Michael Mosley and the health writer Peta Bee. And given that Mosley is the man behind the Fast Diet, better known as the 5:2, his latest pronouncement on exercise has been commanding attention.

“This is really nothing new at all,” says Mosley, who trained as a doctor before moving into journalism and now regularly fronts science and health programmes for the BBC. “Fast exercise is just what we used to do as hunter-gatherers – doing short bursts of intense exercise, having a rest, but also incorporating it into your general life.”

He adds that High Intensity Training (HIT), which he champions in the book, has been used in its modern form for decades by athletes and fitness fanatics, but has yet to be fully assimilated into ordinary people’s exercise routines.

The advantage of HIT over extended, steady exercise is three-fold, Mosley says. “When you do HIT, you massively increase the number of mitochondria [so-called “cellular power plants” which convert fat and sugar in the blood into energy] and their efficiency. Without the intensity, that doesn’t really happen.

New ways of working out and keeping fit

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If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to be enlightened about CrossFit, let me share it with you. It is a unique and beneficial mode of training that enables you to transform your body. CrossFit is a regime that conditions and strengthens your body. It encompasses many different techniques such as cardiovascular capacity, power, strength and conditioning. It includes exercises with kettlebells, speed drills, plyometrics gymnastic training, and body weight exercises as well as bits of Olympic lifting and weight lifting.

The result of the combination of all these elements is an intensive workout that was initially only performed by professional athletes followed by members of the armed forces. After the favourable response, CrossFit was introduced to gym goers where it also became popular.

CrossFit classes are not yet available at every gym around the world, but a vast number of locations are starting to introduce it to their programs. With movements that are evocative of elements of real life athletic training, it is something that always keeps interest levels high and encourages a load of motivation by fulfilling tasks.

The benefits are big, due to the fact that you can diversify your current routine, do something different and new without being a navy seal and concurrently achieve all the same levels of power and weight loss that results from doing intense athletic movements.

Whilst you may be able to do many of the specialized exercises without the guidance of a trained expert, it is better to have a qualified person inducting you into the movements. This is also true when you attempt gymnastic movements on the rings or the Olympic lifting of a barbell that’s packed with weights. It is very important to avoid getting an injury.

The movements are a great way to attain that athletic look to your body with long and lean, yet defined muscles, which can seem so hard to reach with traditional methods of training.

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Author: Catherine Piot

Develop Your Abs With The Best Ab Workouts

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Despite what some people believe, abs do not consist only of those prominent six muscles in the front that are referred to as the six pack. The abs also consist of less obvious and yet just as important muscles, such as the core muscles, internal obliques, transversus abdominis, and the lower back too. Therefore, in order to get optimum results, one needs to exercise all these muscles, which means that the best ab workouts include a wide variety of exercises.

Nevertheless, it is true that great results can also be obtained by only working on the major muscle groups, by doing squats, lunges, deadlifts, and so on. Training heavily on these exercises will involve your abs, which will grow strong very quickly. But just like any other muscle group, the abs also require you to maintain the workout regimen for a certain time. And if you are willing to commit to doing that, it makes sense to also include all the variety of exercises that are needed to your routine.

If you are looking for a specific routine that everyone can start with, here are a few great exercises that all the best ab workouts include. However, remember that when it comes to bodybuilding, the secret is in varying the routine by changing the order of the exercises around, and regularly replacing them with new ones.

Start with the exercise called jacknives. While lying on your back on the floor with your arms outstretched behind you and the hands facing the floor, lift your arms, legs and body simultaneously from the floor. Try to touch your feet to your hands, but do not fail to keep the legs straight. Once you have attained your highest position, stay like that for a moment and then lower yourself back down. Another great exercise is the traditional knees-to-chest, with the only modification that you need to roll backwards. This will enable you to bring the knees in for touching the chin.

The scissors also work the abs very effectively, as do the seated twists. If you do not know what these are, they require you to sit on the floor with the legs spread, hands behind head, and then twist from side to side while breathing deeply. Try to combine these great drills with your favorite exercises and you will have the best ab workouts specially designed for yourself.

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