Make losing weight easier by training for a fitness event.

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We all know the number one reason people begin an exercise program, weight loss. What we don’t know is that most people are so focused on losing weight that they don’t actually enjoy the exercise programs they have undertaken to achieve their desired result.

There is nothing wrong with pushing yourself to slim, however it is important that your chosen fitness routine is enjoyable and not a chore. You will find that if you can participate in an exercise routine that is actually fun, you will generally forget about the weight loss process which in turn will lead to a greater chance of long term success.

There are so many different exercises or physical activities we could participate to lose weight and increase our overall fitness levels. How do we choose which one is best suited to our needs? Well, I think one of the best approaches for selecting an exercise regime that you are going to stick to, is to plan and train for a fitness event. It could be anything from running your first half marathon to a small triathlon or even a swimathon. So long as it involves participating in activities you enjoy and is within your physical fitness limitations, you will be half way to beating the bulge and at the same time having fun whilst doing it.

Focusing on an up and coming event will help take your mind off the rigors of weight loss. Having an fitness event to train for is one of the best methods of continual training as in the case of training for a half marathon. You need to get the miles into your legs before you attempt a 20 km fun run and in working to increase your fitness levels for such an event will in turn help you shed those pounds. So before you know it you are regularly training with a goal in mind.
Here are three tips to getting started on your fitness quest:


Does this sound like you? “I need to get into better shape before I can do that.” Lets get serious. Not everyone who attends a fitness event is an elite athlete. The reason for the popularity of such events is that any one can participate, what ever skill or fitness level they possess.
So set your self realistic goals, be disciplined and with regular training you will soon find that the sky’s the limit.


Find and register to a fitness event which allows you plenty of time to increase your fitness levels so as to be able to complete your mission. Lets not choose a half marathon to run next week. Be well prepared with a proper training plan/routine which will put you in fine stead as you approach your deadline. Until you make the commitment and actually sign up, it’s only an idea. You will be less likely to skip workouts because you’ll want to do your best for the big event. Consider fundraising for the event. This will help in motivating you to complete your goal.


I have to admit that having a regular training partner is one of the keys to continual training methods. Firstly, the responsibility of having a friend rely on you is a great motivational tool. Secondly, training with friends is so much more enjoyable and can be the difference between actual training or saying, i’ll go tomorrow. There is added accountability and a tendency to strive for better results when you have the positive support of your friends.


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